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Merging with Light Stories

Merging with the Light stories
Maria Bregman and Georgy Bregman's book "Fusion of Light" (the cover design uses the photo of famous photo artist Levon Ossepyan) pleased first of all by its watercolor style and sparkling purity, as if the "Eye of God" itself looked into the souls of young writers and ordered to bring every little light of human existence from the heart to people. And such a wonderful consonance of miniatures created from shades of light, joy and love turned out. These include the short miniature "Father and Sleigh", "Merging with Light", and "Coat on the Couch"... And many other delicate, kind, subtle things, where you can measure your own life against what you read, and in everything you see the keen and sensitive Eye of God. 

Image by Alesia Kazantceva

An Accidental Encounter  


... As a lover of all things mystical storytelling captivated me immediately. No, it's not just mystery and fantasy. This is a description of a very real future. My memory is a bit of a mess. But someone, either a Japanese writer or a Chinese writer, had already won the Nobel Prize for a work on clones. In that work, though, as far as I remember, it was scary and dystopian. Clones were just as loving, just as endowed with feelings, but they knew their purpose - to be just biological parts for other people. Maria's talent in this story shows in the freshness of her thinking. The characters in this story have not a shred of resignation to the hopelessness of their destiny. Valentine and Adele, mystically sensitive to each other, mystically in love with each other, analyze the situation, interact sensitively, and channel all their will and power of thought into how to overcome the very process of human cloning. 

     The tale is stunningly gripping. And where the only possible "entrance" to the inevitable, just one single "entrance", the characters find the "exit". Holding on to each other, surrendering to the feeling of love, using the knowledge gained, they defeat the force of unnecessary, destructive progress.

     I don't want to say anything in detail about this tale. I just want you to read it. I just want you to read it, thinking about your place in society and the possibilities of your mind.

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Children's Stories by Maria Bregman

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