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Maria Bregman

The official site of the writer, where you can read his best books and stories, including a new children's story

"Knight Ian and the Pirates.


Welcome to web site Maria Bregman



Merging with Light Stories

Walking in the City

An Accidental Encounter


Children's stories



Maria Bregman participated in a literary picnic in hude park.There she read her stories and novels .

JAKE Drandel,journolist

Maria Bregman is releasing a new children's book about Jan the Knight. 

I wonder what it will be?

Alexey Buyanov on 06.06.22

Aleksey Buyanov

Maria Bregman has applied for the Maria Theresa contest . I wonder if Maria Bregman can win?

John Smith

In The Press



Maria Bregman - the famous author of poetry and prose.Creator of the famous collection of books and short stories entitled Merging with the light where you can read the great stories of Maria and co-authored with the head of the Literary Chamber of Russia George Bregman, Art and Literary Almanac "Ice and Flame" (Moscow, 2018, 2019),Almanac "Front Line" (2020), Collections "I taught women to talk..." (Moscow, 2017) Publisher New Amazon 
- Mothers' Daughters (Moscow, 2019) Publisher New Amazon 
- Women's News (2021)
- Literary and fiction magazines Irtysh-Om (Omsk, 2018, 2019, 2020), Tara Gate (Omsk, 2020, 2021)

Stories translated into Chinese (2020-22) 
- She is a member of the Russian Writers' Union and works as a literary consultant there. In her work experience, she has been a journalist and administrator for the famous classical music theater Kosatkin and Vaseleva, as well as working for the UNESCO Foundation. She has in her experience many children's books, such as "Knight Jan" and "Pirates", which she has dedicated to her eldest son, Jan. She also has on her credit a children's book "The Nutcracker" written in verse. Awards and prizes - Winner of the International Literary Tyutchev Competition, the poem "The Swan".
- Laureate of the All-Russian Akhmatova Literary Competition, poem "The Swan".
- Finalist of the International Literary Competition "New Amazons" 2021 
- Honorary Diploma "For Contribution to National Literature and Culture / from the Russian Writers' Union" 2021
- Diploma for support of women writers' rights and development of culture from the UN Support Fund, Nizhny Novgorod, 2020
- State scholarship (grant) for publishing books from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, 2016, 2018, 2022. 
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At the moment the writer is working on new novels and stories. Expect more from Maria Bregman at


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